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(For Graphics Tablet Users)


If you are like me (and many others) using a Tablet for the first time can be a very frustrating experience.

Unless you use a Wacom Cintiq (which allows you to maintain hand-eye communication naturally by providing a tablet that is also a screen), using a tablet is very hard at first.

This is because your eyes are not watching the pen tip anymore! Instead they have to watch the computer screen while your pen scratches away somewhere 'down there'... In fact, the neurons in your brain have to be completely retrained to communicate with the fine motor control muscles in your drawing hand!

Don't throw away your tablet in despair! Or put off getting yourself a tablet in the first place.

There are solutions!

My 'Tips and Training' newsletters will provide you with suggestions and exercises that will get you drawing more naturally in no time!

Not only will you get great training exercises and tips on getting the most out of your tablet, but also the advantage of constant communication and support with an experienced professional digital artist... me!

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