A well-drawn CARTOON really stands out.


      As logo designs or advertising material, cartoons draw the eyes like a magnet, making the potential customer feel good, smile, or even laugh out loud. This 'breaking-of-the-ice' forms an instant customer-business rapport.

     Cartoons used in training materials and educational aides have also proven to be very powerful as educational aides.


For over twenty years I have been illustrating promotional material, websites, books, training guides, etc etc.

Clients include Olgivy and Mather, Coca Cola, Qld Dept of Education, ITC Publishing, the Brisbane Courier Mail, X-Factor, and numerous small businesses, publications and organizations.

If you ever need a cartoonist or illustrator to add that 'special touch', give me a call, or send me an email.

On this page are some samples of my work ranging from Logo Design to Marketing Material and Educational Aides.

(Click on an Image to enlarge and view slideshow)

My cartoons have appeared in a mulitude of newspapers, books and magazines, including a weekly piece in Queensland's Courier Mail. With over 20 years experience I guarantee excellence and satisfaction.

Whether you have a good idea of exactly what you need, or have no idea apart from a 'feel' or concept you need to express, I can get it done to exacting standards for you.

I stay in constant contact via email or phone throughout the visualization, conceptualisation and development phases of the work.

For more samples of my work or further enquiries, send an email detailing your requirements to; wolf@cartoonprofessor.com

or call me in Australia on 0414746420