I first started drawing cartoons when I was about 11 years old.

I grew up running pretty wild on a small farm in Australia's Great Dividing Range. Here my sense of adventure led me exploring the mountains, valleys and creeks for miles around.

My friends and I used to build very large, complex 'Club-Houses' in many forgotten corners of this wild country. One day we discovered an ancient abandoned pig farm that consisted of lots of tumbledown buildings covered with vines and scrub... THE PERFECT HIDE OUT!

So no-one else would ever discover our lair we made an intricate route into one of the almost-complete rooms out of old boards going from roof to roof.

While crossing these precarious paths one day I fell and ended up in hospital on my back for some time. My Mum brought in all of my comic collection to aid my recovery (I learnt to read on Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comics).

However I soon grew tired of re-reading them over and over and so began to copy the drawings in them.




Ever since then I have studied very, very hard to become a professional Cartoonist... watched lots of cartoons and read lots of comics : )

Seriously though, by reading every bit of literature on the subject and studying practically every 'How-To-Draw' book, animated film, successful comic strip and graphic novel I could get my hands on, I developed my skills to the point where I could comfortably turn 'professional'.

Over 25 years ago while studying Film and Television at University I began sharing my knowledge at schools.

These classes proved exceptionally popular, allowing myself and my new wife to travel up and down this wonderful country. I love inspiring and being inspired by young 'cartoonists-in-training' everywhere I go.


For many years my environmentalist upbringing has driven me to produce what I consider to be my Magnum Opus... my own Graphic Novel,'The Adventures of Min n Fin'. A humourous, yet hopefully powerful, story about two small aliens standing up to the might of the Snamuh, the greediest, most 'materialistic' creatures in the universe.

I produce this work entirely with my Wacom Cintiq and my Mac. And have set up an Ebay Store in order to help spread this wonderful technology to other artists trying to make their way and express themselves in this digital world.

With today's incredible technology what used to take a team of people can now be created 'solo'... giving artists everywhere the opportunity to communicate with many thousands, indeed millions, of people worldwide.

I enjoy and always welcome contact and queries from other artists.

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Have a Great Day!

Sincerely Yours,

Cartoon Professor