Welcome to my on-line store.


I only ever recommend and sell 'Top-Of-The-Line' products I use myself.

The tools I use for my home and business have to be reliable, intuitive and cutting edge. Everything in this store I know inside out and I offer full, lifetime support for all of my customers.


Graphics Tablets

Wacom have long been the global leader in Graphics Tablet technology, constantly working hand in hand with the largest digital art software companies and digital artists to design and produce the best possible computer interaction experience for professionals and home users alike.

I personally represent Wacom at all the big conventions and shows in my area and use a Wacom Tablet for all of my artwork.

For the digital artist in particular, Wacom Tablets are a necessity.

As with all the products I offer, every customer gets Lifetime support by phone and email plus regular, 'Tips n Tricks for Tablet Users' newsletters by email, allowing you to quickly get the most out of your new tablet.

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To me, a computer is a tool that needs to work first time, every time. It needs to be intuitive, stable and, most importantly, secure.

The design integrity of Apple's hardware and software is unparalleled in the industry, providing Mac users with the peace of mind that their identity and data is as protected as it can possibly be. At the local Apple Service Centre where I am on call for training and tech support, we frequently get PCs in for virus removal. Not a single Mac has come in with a virus, ever!

The strict quality control that can only come from Apple's famous 'in-house' manufacturing process has contributed to many evolutionary products like the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iMac...

Unfortunately I no longer source new Macs. If you are seeking a top-quality second-hand Mac, email me and I will source what you need for you. My experience as a Mac technician and trainer means you will get the advice and equipment that best suits your particular needs.