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I only sell products that I personally use and appreciate.

The Wacom range of tablets are designed to suit a wide variety of users. Before you make a decision on which tablet will best suit your needs, ask yourself;

1, What will I be using it for?

  • If you simply would like to create 'hobby' art at home or for school, the Intuos will be adequate.
  • Like-wise, if your answer is to annotate documents, surf the web, use handwriting software to 'write' documents and because you want an input device more intuitive and direct than a mouse, the Intuos will do the job very well.
  • However, if you would like to draw at a more 'professional' level, design 3D art or technology, or express yourself on a larger working surface area, then you definitely will need one of the IntuosPRO range of Tablets.
  • If you are a serious professional artist, game designer, 3D artist or video editor, the Intuos5 will very adequately 'do the job'... however I urge you to consider the 'elite' of tablets, the amazing Wacom Cintiqs.

Generally I use a simple analogy to express the range of Wacom tablets.... consider transport;


     If you need to get somewhere, you can simply walk (use a mouse), if you would like to get there quicker and easier, use a bike (the Intuos), If this is still not efficient enough for you, use a motor bike (the IntuosPRO range), but if you would like to get there in real comfort and efficiency, use a car (the Wacom Cintiq).



If you have any questions about any of the items listed below, or would like a price on a Wacom product not listed below, please email me...

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Cartoon Professor


NEW Intuos Comic


Orig.: $149.00
Sale: $139.00

WIRELESS Accessory Kit for Intuos5 and Bamboo

This wireless module allows you to connect a compatible tablet to MAC or PC wirelessly.  Plug and forget, no installation or bluetooth connection is required.


Intuos Pen Small

The Basic Tablet for home and Hobby users.

Orig.: $99.00
Sale: $87.00

Intuos Pen & Touch Small

A Brilliant tavblet at an excellent price, the Intuos Pen & Touch Small is great for the home and hobby user.

Orig.: $139.00
Sale: $117.00

Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch medium

For the serious 'Home User', the new Intuos Pen & Touch Medium combines pen and touch capability in a medium sized tablet

Orig.: $250.00
Sale: $227.00

IntuosPRO Pen and Touch SMALL (Approx 4x6)

Designed to meet the high performance demands of creative professionals, as well as photo, art, and design enthusiasts, IntuosPRO touch combines Wacom’s finest pen tablet experience with multi-touch input in a single device.

The small IntuosPRO touch pen tablet is perfect for limited desktop areas or for those who want a highly portable, professional-level tablet that fits comfortably in a laptop bag. Easy to transport back and forth between home and office, for client presentations, or to school, photographers, designers and artists agree: IntuosPRO pen tablets speed production time and allows you to fully exercise your creativity.

Orig.: $260.00
Sale: $237.00

Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Pro MEDIUM

The medium IntuosPRO pen tablet is a versatile size and is the most popular choice among creative professionals. With 48.4 square inches of working area, this tablet provides ample workspace for the way that most tablet users like to work.

Orig.: $400.00
Sale: $347.00

IntuosPRO Pen and Touch LARGE

With its large working area, IntuosPRO touch Large is perfect for creative professionals who work in large format or who are trained to work from the shoulder or elbow

Orig.: $599.00
Sale: $547.00

Wacom Cintiq 13 HD

Wacom’s compact desktop pen display, the Cintiq 13HD delivers professional pen-on-screen performance in a slim, lightweight design. Ideal as a primary or secondary display, the Cintiq 13HD packs power.

Orig.: $1,299.00
Sale: $1,227.00


The Brand NEW Cintiq 22HD

Orig.: $2,699.00
Sale: $2,587.00

Wacom Cintiq 24HD

The Cintiq 24HD combines the best in high-definition LCD performance with the ability to work directly on screen. Its generous 24 inch display, wide color gamut, and widescreen aspect ratio make this an ideal choice for color-critical work

Orig.: $3,399.00
Sale: $3,277.00


The Amazing NEW TOUCH Cintiq 24HD

Orig.: $4,699.00
Sale: $4,557.00

Please note:

Although I can ship outside of Australia, because of Wacom's strict reseller rules this means you would have to ship your tablet back to Australia to claim any warranty issues. Please email me directly; to discuss shipping before your purchase if you are buying from outside Australia.

My apologies for any inconvenience